ed-tech entrepreneur

Product type 
mobile application
Two mobile screens presenting translation to flashcards app. The screen on the left shows a welcome screen with the app's logo in the centre and the screen on the right shows a translation done from English to Spanish of the word "eggs"
The client had an idea for a new language learning app which he wanted to develop and test out on the market.
My role
Conduct market research in the form of interviews (with expats learning a new language).
Develop a persona based on the prior research data.
Create wireframes and prototypes.
Create the app’s logo and illustrations for marketing purposes.
Key tools
• Adobe Xd
• Illustrator
• Procreate
• After Effects
• Skype
• User interviews
• Personas
• Wireframes
• Prototypes
• Illustrations and logo
My involvement resulted in the creation of an MVP which got published on Google Play and App Store.

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