Love Sweat Fitness

Product type 
mobile application
Two mobile screens presenting fitness app. The screen on the left shows a countdown and the screen on the right a success state of a completed action
The client had a functioning fitness mobile app for women but he wanted to include animations in it and new micro-interactions.
My role
Create various animated elements - icons, transitions, swipe gestures, engagement animations.
Work with the developer to ensure the proper incorporation of the animated elements.
Key tools
• After Effects
• Illustrator
• Adobe Xd
• Lottie
Key tools
• JSON Files
• GIFs
• MP4s
Applied animations and micro-interactions improved the user experience by making it more fun and engaging resulting in higher ratings.
Incorporating transitions and swipe gestured animations made the app more comprehensive and therefore increased the retention rate.
Animated icons provided clearer feedback to the users and directed their attention leading to higher conversion rate for apps products.

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