Anika helped us to bring the first MVP to life. She worked on all design related topics, turning our ideas and prototypes into a user friendly and good-looking product. This included a design system, building out prototypes, defining user journeys and designing the UI for all features. She worked closely with the developers and quickly incorporated customer feedback into her designs. 
Anika’s ability to understand the complex technical nature of our product, her strong communication skills and quick adaptation of new input, led to a very productive way of working together. Her open and friendly personality made her part of our team in no time. 
I fully recommend Anika from a professional and personal standpoint - especially if you need to move fast in a complex environment.
Robin Brinkmann
Head of Open Integration Hub at Cloud-EcoSystem e.V. 
We worked together for almost half a year on the new merchandise management system (Wawi). 
Anika makes good suggestions for the UI/UX implementation of complex processes and is able to create the necessary user stories for the programming team from the knowledge you acquired in the process. And she is also able to communicate these tasks well to the programming team. 
It was very efficient to work with Anika and also fun.
Thomas Lembcke
Product Owner at Absolute Reality
From the very beginning, Ms. Kowalska distinguished herself through her extraordinary commitment and high level of diligence.
Both professionally and socially, she immediately contributed to the team and shone with a very high degree of initiative and willingness to help. She was also open to suggestions and criticism and was always willing to learn about the special technical area of fire protection in the industrial sector.
I would like to make special mention of her exemplary commitment to researching and understanding the specific technical area of our project.
Alexander Santana Losada
Senior Software Architect and -Engineer at Fogtec
Anika is a highly skilled animator/motion designer.
We presented her with a large scale project for our mobile app, that included many different elements and the need to be creative across all of them.
She delivered absolutely perfect microinteractions for us that elevate the quality of our app. Her communication is top notch and she is really easy to work with.
We will be working with her again soon!
Ryan Dunlop
Co-Founder + COO at MOVE by Love Sweat Fitness
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